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Miners, Developers, And Users  The Checks And Balances Of Bitcoin
Miners, Developers, and Users: The Checks and Balances of Bitcoin. These sorts of polemic stances that accuse one group of having total authority over Bitcoin are all too common in casual conversations and established news sources alike. When we focus on the undue…
More Or Less Europe  By Kemal Derviş
More or Less Europe? by Kemal Derviş . The upcoming elections will entrench the growing divide between those who want less Europe and those who want more. And the fragmented parliament that is likely to emerge will cast further uncertainty on the European Union’s future direction.
Interview With David Pinto — Founder, Ecosquared – Michael Haupt
Interview With David Pinto — Founder, Ecosquared – Michael Haupt – Medium. I had the great pleasure of chatting with David Pinto, the founder of Ecosquared, today. I’ve known David (LinkedIn profile) for many years but wasn’t even aware that he was working on ‘ecological…
What The Guardian Has Learned Trying To Build A More Intelligent
What The Guardian has learned trying to build a more intelligent story format — one that knows what you know » Nieman Journalism Lab. Like Circa before it, The Guardian aims to atomize a big breaking story into its individual parts — and then be smart about showing you the right ones at the right time.
New Study On The Potential Impact Of Declining A Wedding
New study on the potential impact of declining a wedding invitation . According to new study from Bankrate, "one-in-five respondents said they declined a wedding invitation because they could not afford it." And declining an RSVP may also impact friendships.

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