Tinkercad Invite Code

How Do I Stop Moderating A Student  – Tinkercad
How do I stop moderating a student? – Tinkercad. My students are under 13 Any student under 13 is required by law to have a valid adult moderator. It is not possible for a moderator to...
Lael Radkey's Tweet
Lael Radkey's tweet . Detailed Tweet Analytics for Lael Radkey's tweet -
How Do I Add Students To A Group  – Tinkercad
How do I add students to a group? – Tinkercad. To add a student to a group they must appear on your “Moderate Kids” page in the “Currently moderating” list. If a student doesn’t appear...
Tinkercad Invitation Code
Disable Enter Code Class  – Tinkercad
Disable enter code class? – Tinkercad. Is disabled for the moment the possibility that the students can enter the code of a class?, If this function is deactivated, how soon...
Adding Co
Adding co. I already have several student groups created in TinkerCAD. I want another teacher to be able to view those students' TinkerCAD...
Tools For Teachers [tinkertip]
Tools for Teachers [TinkerTip] . If you're a teacher and want to get your under-13 students approved to use Tinkercad, we've made it easier! Now you can create an Invite Code and when your s...
How Do Students Enter Additional Teacher Invitation Codes  – Tinkercad
How do students enter additional teacher invitation codes? – Tinkercad. Entering an invitation code will link a student with the teach who created the invitation code. If a student is already moderated by an...

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